All History Is Preparation For The Present Moment

254.02The history of humanity is divided into two parts. All of history until our time is only a preparation. From us until the end of correction is the history of true correction.

It turns out that, in essence, it is only us that are in the process of true correction. Everything that was before us, because it was before the beginning of the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah to the entire humanity, is considered just a period of preparation and nothing more.

It is only us that live in a time that is called the stage of practical correction of the soul, the era of correction of the world.

Therefore, the entire work of man also consists of two parts. The first one is the period of preparation when we prepare ourselves, groups, and tens for spiritual work. And the real spiritual work begins when we go out to the broad public to correct external desires.

Preparing for dissemination to the broad public is working with the Kelim of Galgalta ve Einaim, bestowal in order to bestow. When we go out to the general public spreading knowledge about the method of correction, absorbing the desires of external people in this way, and incorporating them within us, in these Kelim we can receive from above the revelation of the Creator, the illumination of Hochma. This is the true result of broad dissemination in the world.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/26/21,”The Importance of Dissemination”

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