Transition To A New Basis Of Existence

709Comment: The Red Sea (Yam Suf – Final Sea) is torn by the power of man’s faith when Moses raises his staff. “Staff” in Hebrew is “Mahteh” from the word “Mata” meaning below.

My Response: A person lowers his egoism and thus passes through all the obstacles. He is guided not by reason and logic, but by that he wants to bestow.

However, this is completely unrealistic for him, because bestowal, love, and connection with others are above the property of reception, personal gain, and personal salvation. This is what Nachshon’s leap into the mighty waves of the Red Sea personifies.

Question: Why is it that Nachshon (the property in man) jumps into the sea and not Moses? Usually the leader goes first.

Answer: The point is that Moses is above the property of Nachshon. Moses is a property of Bina, and therefore, it is not at all a problem for him to be in the property of bestowal and love. This is all that he is guided by when he leads the children of Israel (desires), gradually frees them from egoism, and leads them to love among themselves.

Question: What is this miracle that a person suddenly is given such an opportunity to think and care about others more than about himself? After all, in principle, this is unnatural and does not bring any reward.

Answer: It is a transition to a completely different basis of existence, when bestowal, love, and a good attitude toward others are above one’s attitude toward oneself. A person enters this state almost forever. If earlier he lived in his usual egoism, only “for his own sake,” then, after crossing this border, he begins to live only “for the sake of others.”

Question: Does a person’s worldview, his approach to life change?

Answer: Absolutely in everything. Outside the border of Egypt, our attitude toward the world completely changes. There is no longer consideration of oneself. You constantly consider others, take them into consideration. You know with certainty that whatever arises inside you must be inverted into bestowal and love.

Question: But what motivates a person? Why does he act like this?

Answer: Because this is the Creator’s property. And he wants to be closer to Him.

Question: And if it had not been the Creator’s property, then he would not have made such actions?

Answer: No. Then there would have been no reason. This is the only reason.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/2/21

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