How To Find True Love

627.1Comment: Anna writes to you: “Is there no love in this world? If it is not there, what do you say, what does this world hold on to? I am 22 years old, I want to meet someone to love. I want not just connections, not just families and children, but that everything will be imbued with love. It’s possible, isn’t it? How do you come to this? ”

My Response: I don’t think this is possible.

This is only if she begins to engage in raising herself to the next stage of development where she will feel the meaning of life in rising to the level of the meaning of life, that is, above this life, from where this life comes. I wish it for her.

I understand that this sounds very rude, but at this level we will not find any justification for our dreams, impulses by ourselves. None. We need to retrain young people, but they themselves retrain from life. They are much smarter today.

Question: What should they learn, what should they come to?

Answer: That there is no love in the sense they dream about.

This is their reflection of the highest love, which pulls a person to the meaning of life. There is a completely different feeling, attraction, connection, and fulfillment. One has to reach there, it is eternal, perfect.

Comment: So many novels, TV series, and other things inject a person with this infusion of this love.

My Response: It only confuses people! All motives of a person should be in the spiritual direction, and there he will find the answer to everything.

And from a biological point of view, you have to find a suitable match for yourself, start a family, take care of them and continue your family. As was the case in all traditional families until the 20th century, or, say, until the 18th century.

Either the parents looked for the husband and wife to be similar to each other, or they found a pairing in the immediate environment, from the same village, from the same district, from the same circles. And there were strong families because they were looking for someone similar to them.

Question: What advice would you give this girl Anna?

Answer: I wish her to look for a husband who would suit her not for love, but for aspiration, tastes, in the likeness of his parents. She needs to get to know his mother and see if she is like her. That is, does this Anna look like the boy’s mother? And if she looks similar, then this is already a guarantee of a strong family. A man should see his wife as part of his mother.

Question: Is she in it?

Answer: It doesn’t matter what she sees in him. The main thing is that when he sees in her a part of his mother, he will already treat her with caution, with love, with fear, like a child with a mother.

Question: And then can it even be called love?

Answer: Of course. What is love if not attachments and habits? As my teacher used to say: “Love is a beast that needs to be fed a lot with concessions. And when it grows up, then it can be called love.”
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/22/21

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