Passover From The Point Of View Of Modern Realities, Part 10

749.02Question: When the Jewish people approach the Final (Red) Sea, Yam Suf, suddenly this sea opens up. Behind, the army of Pharaoh, in front, the sea, and it parted. What needs to happen for a person to suddenly see the sea or water mass is his salvation?

Answer: The deep sea can only do one thing: kill me completely. And I agree to this state, to die spiritually, physically, no matter how, just not to remain in the captivity of my egoism. Egoistic slavery is worse than any other condition, so I throw myself into the water.

Question: We are not referring to the suicides that occur in our time, are we?

Answer: No! What does that have to do with it? Is there any movement toward this in our time? Does it come from the same reason? No! In our time, it’s all out of boredom.

Question: There is an opinion that not all Jews came out of Egypt. Were there Jews in Pharaoh’s chariots that chased the Jews?

Answer: These are the so-called Erev Rav (mixed multitude). These are the Jews for whom being in Egypt was a blessing. They want to stay in their egoism and believe that they are right. And they have the Creator in this egoism, and He does not need to be approached by correcting themselves to love others, and through love of others to love the Creator.

We don’t need any of this: “We can live here, calmly, well. We do not need the land of Israel, and we do not need to go there at all; when the Creator wants, He will lead us there himself, but in the meantime we will sit here and wait.”

Question: In the story of the exit from Egypt, we see that chariots are destroyed, although someone is saved. They say that some strange people joined the Jews and then chased them through the desert. How does this happen? All the same, these people who do not agree to follow the predetermined path, this goal, will be destroyed?

Answer: This is Erev Rav, the “mixed multitude.” There are a lot of them, they surround the Jewish people from all sides. By their origin, they are Jews, but they do not feel that they should go to the Creator with their thoughts, with their motives, in “love your neighbor as yourself,” in unity with each other.

Throughout Jewish history and today too, they see their mission only in preventing the movement of the Jewish people to build a temple, that is, to create such a connection between themselves in which the Creator would be revealed.

Question: Who will win in the end?

Answer: In the end, of course, they will not win. But looking at what is happening today in the Jewish people, we see what power they have.

Question: How can a person at any given time, being in the environment that he has, correctly distinguish between Erev Rav and Jews who are going to the goal?

Answer: A person who strives for connection with others, for love for others, and from love for others to love for the Creator, he is a Jew, he is really going to the Creator.

The most important thing is the connection, because in it egoism is gradually destroyed and a person rises above his egoistic nature into the quality of bestowal, to the quality of love for one’s neighbor.

And for people who believe that they can exist without connection with others, you can immediately see that they are, in general, sole proprietors, loners. They invent a completely different lifestyle for themselves. Everyone who follows certain rules believes that for him there is already the meaning of life, and paradise prepared for him, and so forth.

In fact, this is absolutely not the case. “Attain your world even in this life”—this is what the Torah, the wisdom of Kabbalah, calls for. And so all their attempts are a big mistake and a disappointment.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/12/19

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