Changing The Basis Of Existence

448.8Question: Why are life and death such sharp states? Before the beginning of life, a person does not feel anything, does not remember anything. After death, he feels nothing, remembers nothing. Life and death for him are probably the best and the worst thing that can happen.

Answer: The life of a person takes place in his egoistic desire. This is why it is so clearly defined from the beginning to the end, from birth to death. The opportunity that we are given is to rise above birth and death.

However, it is not given in order to some how extend life (something we would like to do), but to change the attitude toward it, in particular, to change the force at the basis of this existence—to make it altruistic instead of egoistic. Then we will not be feeling the influence of the egoistic force on us, that is, life itself, but we will be as if above it.

Question: But this clarity, this definition, it is good, is it not? Does it mean that in the other state, a higher one, everything will be clear enough?

Answer: Yes. In the quality of bestowal, contrary to the quality of reception that we now have, everything is also clearly defined, and in much greater intensity in quality and quantity.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 4/12/21

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