An Egoistic Attitude Toward The Creator Called The Mixed Multitude

534Question: Inside a man there are desires called “mixed multitude.” On the one hand, they fear the Creator, but on the other hand, at the same time they are workers of the Pharaoh. That is, a man uses the connection with the Creator for his own sake. This, as it is written in the sources, is the most insidious impure force (Klipa).

What does it mean that they fear the Creator? If the Creator is the property of bestowal, the power of emanation, the altruistic power of nature, how can one fear it?

Answer: The point is that we can use the connection with the Creator in two ways: egoistically and altruistically. That is, I may not relate to the Creator at all, but I can relate to Him with the understanding that I have a certain attitude toward Him and I want to deserve something from Him.

I want to reveal, to understand, to become aware of Him. I want to earn a connection with Him and get something from this connection. Thus, my attitude to the Creator is purely consumeristic: I demand from Him. And then my connections with the Creator represent a continuation of my egoistic inclinations in our world.

That is, I am already going further as it were, into the spiritual world, into my connection with the Creator, and demand that He reveal to me, reward me for my striving for Him, and so on.

Question: It turns out that, in principle, I fear the Creator. He is great in my eyes, but for my actions I demand payment from Him?

Answer: Yes, I demand either a reward in this world, or, as we die, then perhaps a reward in the future world. Such an egoistic attitude toward the Creator is called a “mixed multitude.”
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/2/21

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