All The Criminals Of The World—In One Person

002Question: What do the definitions “do not steal,” “do not commit adultery,” and “do not kill” mean? What or who are they talking about?

Answer: About each of us because we kill, steal, and commit adultery every second.

The fact is that we are in our egoistic, uncorrected states, and this means that I am performing these actions. If I have not corrected my “do not kill” or “do not steal” quality, then I am in it.

It does not matter if I implement it or not. The spiritual court evaluates a person according to his potential. So, if there is a quality in you that you can kill in a certain state, then now you are killing, which means you are not potentially a killer.

In the spiritual world, we do not need to specifically bring a person to this state. So, you are a murderer, a rapist, a thief, and everything else.

It does not really bother you right now. But the time will come when you will begin to feel all the potential, unrealized qualities as realized in you: now I kill, now I rape, now I rob, now I deceive. Then you get the feeling that you are responsible for all the suffering in the world. You cannot take it anymore.

In accordance with the way the light acts on a person, it shows who he really is and at the same time shows him from what source the light comes, then this difference between where the light comes from, the Creator, and the fact that he is potentially in all his terrible qualities, is felt in him by a terrible inner state of shame.

This shame that burns him is called hell. It is actually hell. Therefore, a person is ready to get rid of it. But getting rid of it is not so easy.

In hell there are eleven months—spiritual stages during which a person passes through the state of being opposite to the Creator, burning inside from the terrible sensations of his difference from the Creator so much that after these eleven months he corrects his state to equivalence of form to the Creator and comes to the state called paradise.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #9

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