Interacting With The Information Field

276.05Question: Does the information field constantly transmit information to us and interact with us?

Answer: Yes, incessantly. We are in it all the time, but we do not feel it.

Comment: At the same time, according to the law of equivalence of form, there must be an area where we intersect with it, otherwise interaction would be impossible.

My Response: We interconnect according to the measure of similarity of properties. That is, to the extent that I am ready to realize the general properties of this field, I get closer to it, we come to equal or close to equal conditions, and this field affects me.

It excites certain processes in me because I am close to it. A kind of induction happens here, a leveling of my egoistic data due to changes from this field. Suppose I strive for certain changes and in accordance to it, I induce changes from this field. By wanting to approach it in properties, I create a certain vector of tension relative to it, and it accordingly acts on me in the opposite direction, opposite me.

Question: Can we say that this occurs in the desire through the right intention?

Answer: Of course. Absolutely correct.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/22/19

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