Raising Boys And Girls

294.4Question: Today, all the rules of human social behavior completely replace each other. A man prefers to stay at home and do housework and a woman realizes herself in a career. Why is this happening?

Answer: Because we are developing incorrectly. The upbringing of the sexes has changed. Boys are raised by women, which is wrong.

Boys should be raised by men, because a child grows up by example. And when he is next to his mother, he revolves around her skirt all the time, and then the teacher in the nursery, in the kindergarten, the teacher in the school is by his side, then everything he learns is from a female, served by a woman.

Therefore, a man prefers to stay at home, raise children; he lacks that base, that attitude to the world, to life, which a real man should have. Today we do not even understand what it is. The whole world is like that—half-female.

I am not saying this as a reproach. It is just our omission. Both sexes must be educated so that they feel their opposite and know how to properly complement each other. And this is not happening.

If a child is brought up by women all the time, then he has no masculine basis, no understanding of his strength, his own peculiarity, his own fulfillment of some female properties, needs, requests. This is a big problem.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Common Law Marriage” 8/11/09

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