Above The Speed Of Light

746.02Question: We learn that all desires in us are initiated by the upper light and transferred through the Reshimo (information record). In quantum physics, the so-called informational interactions without any carrier are now very actively examined. Some of these influences are transmitted even above the speed of light, practically instantaneously. Is it possible to say that the same mechanism exists in the transmission of the Reshimo?

Answer: That there is an interaction above the speed of light, I think can be understood even by our mind. In principle, if our universe, this gigantic space, could not instantly interact with each other from its different points, then this system would not function. It would simply not exist. There would be chaos everywhere.

So, we study this so-called chaos and see more and more clear laws in it. Moreover, such that we will grasp and understand what is hidden there. But nonetheless, these are laws! After all, laws are interactions between various causes, consequences, and conditions. Of course, they exist above the speed of light.

But in Kabbalah, instantaneous speed is not considered something inconceivable because it works not with matter, but with intentions and thoughts. It is an absolutely different space. There is nothing there that is restricted by matter, time, or movement.

Question: There is a long-standing dispute between scientists about short-range and long-range actions. Do you think that the correct approach is action at a distance, when the action is transmitted instantaneously to all parts?

Answer: Any small action evokes one instant reaction in all parts of creation. We have to nevertheless admit that, based on our practice of observing the cosmos, as we see that it is some incomprehensible small part. Maybe it is because we do not see the full picture. But this is only our initial knowledge. What can we talk about here?! We observe only the mechanical part of the universe, inanimate nature. Where is the rest of it? All this we have yet to be revealed.

But the fact that the whole system of nature is interconnected, Kabbalah talks about this from the first line. Kabbalah talks about the creation of the world, the creation of the universe, the creation of all matter. That it all comes from one root and these are all the forces of dissemination, which are in full connection and interaction with each other.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/22/19

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