Desire Is An Antenna That Receives Information

283.02Question: How and by what medium is information transmitted by the upper field? What is the receiving antenna in us?

Answer: Desire. We are, figuratively speaking, a bag of desires. The sack is big since we have quite a lot of diverse desires. We exist in them.

I cannot destroy any of them, but I can sort them in such a way that certain types of desires prevail and others are not so important. I do it by force on myself. In the group, in the study, in all circumstances, I lower some of my desires and raise some of them.

I sort of bring myself closer, make a dipole of myself that turns in a certain way with respect to the external field. In such a way, I evoke the influence of this field on my desires, which I either raise or, on the contrary, lower by my forceful effort. That is, the field interacts with me.

This, in practice, is what the change of a person consists of. But, for the time being it is just the initial change, because in this way I am only trying to perform some actions on myself.

Obviously, these actions are insufficient. I cannot do anything, because I am enclosed in myself, I am like a thing in itself. That is why I need to know how to initiate the influence of the upper field on myself, so that it orients me correctly, positions me relative to myself, and then I will be able to feel its influence on me, understand how it works on me, and what it does in me. That is how I will advance.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/22/19

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