Feel The Entire Nature

214Question: How can one explain in the language of science that the attainment of the integrality of the world is connected with the ascent of a person to spiritual levels, how to include spiritual worlds in the structure of the integral universe, and explain the very fact of their existence?

Answer: The science of Kabbalah is a science that reveals itself to a person living in our world, then, of course, all this is possible. We just need to try to understand this correctly and explain it to others.

We attain our world to the extent that our ego grows, takes shape, and develops. Therefore, Kabbalah is engaged in the development of egoism in its correct form, that is, in its correct setting when we understand the desire to receive as the basic desire of our nature and above it we form another structure, a desire to bestow as an artificial reaction that we must achieve above ourselves.

With the help of these two actions, directions, and intentions, we can feel and grasp absolutely the entire nature in all its manifestations, realize it, and transmit it to others. The science of Kabbalah enables us to do this.
From KabTV’s “Integral Course” 3/19/21

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