The Main Thing Is The Desire

laitman_622_02Question: If my desires and the thoughts come from the Creator, then is my job in life only to run ahead and carry out His orders?

Answer: What is there in creation but the Creator’s desires and thoughts? We are actually swimming in the thought of creation that is around us and feel a bit of it as our independent life. But we can feel the whole multi-dimensional picture, and this is what our development is about.

The main thing is the desire, and we have to focus to think according to desires. If the desires operate, a person can easily think, whether he is young or old. The main thing is to want; the main thing is to live in our desires!

Our thoughts can be very lazy. But even a lazy thought is good because it will not interfere with your desires, but actually helps them. The thought is always secondary, and the desire is primary.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/15/17

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