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235Question: When the law “Love your neighbor as yourself” is revealed, does it feel like an unshakable law?

Answer: The absolute law! The operational law of the entire universe—ours and the spiritual—absolute in all its power and amplitude. We must achieve this property and then we will feel that this law really governs.

For example, we have a property similar to the law of universal attraction, and we feel its influence on ourselves. And there are some properties that are absent in us and we do not feel their impact. But this does not mean that they do not affect us.

It turns out that the absence of their sensation and perception is the source of all our suffering. If we knew that the law of universal love exists around us and that those who do not obey it immediately harm themselves, then everyone would be righteous.

Therefore, the Creator specifically made us sinners so that we would want to rise to the level of these laws ourselves, to reveal and fulfill them.

He deliberately created us in such conditions and hid everything else from us. But that does not mean you are not suffering. You suffer because you do not know them, do not realize them.

Comment: This is cruel! The Creator put us in states of blindness and deafness. People are suffering!

My Response: You need to learn, reveal, and then you will understand why He put us in a state of concealment and made everything so horrible.

Question: And maybe later it will turn out how good it is that He did this?

Answer: Then you will see.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #11

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