Molding A Child Into A Leader

766.1Comment: One of your videos was about children turning into stars and becoming leaders. How they’re raised on stage and become the best at singing or dancing. In this clip you spoke about love, about coming closer together, and what competition should really be.

Then we received this letter to you: “Healthy competition leads to success, leadership, and good outcomes. Being a laggard is never a good thing. Love, closeness, and empathy are false ideals. I want to be better, so I shall be; I want to be more successful, so I will. Winning gives confidence in oneself, in life, and leads to further success.

I doubt that Mr. Laitman would have turned out the way he did if he had no leadership skills or inclination to be a winner. Stop pretending! Only a weed grows by itself. We have to grow a harvest and overpower the weed. Only through leadership, only by winning do we succeed: it’s survival of the fittest.”

My Response: What he says is true! But this is all good among the weeds. While a man in the end has to come out a winner over himself, not over others. He has to see his inner self, and the way he should act in contrast to it on the outside. This is what I mean when I say this, I’m not referring to people as weeds.

Question: What about the competitiveness between children about who has the best voice or who is the best dancer?

Answer: In the end, there’s nothing good about it. Nothing! You’re training a child to be better, higher, and stronger, to win and rejoice in the victory. However, in the end you realize that this is not what makes one a winner in life.

Question: So they don’t grow up to be leaders?

Answer: No. Only an individual victory over oneself, this is where one should be a winner.

Question: In other words, the modern world is built on these concepts, do you reject it?

Answer: That’s for sure. I think that everyone who hears me, who reads what I write, understands that I accept the modern world the way it is in order to change it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/21/21

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