Will The Fairy Tale Of Our Life Have A Good Ending?

291Question: There is something that unites all nations—fairy tales. It is part of everyone’s life. We enter life listening to fairy tales. Some kind of morality is meant to pass on to us through them, so that it is understandable to children. Then we grow up and continue to tell fairy tales, but we call them stories, fables, and so on. Sages also write allegorically and convey a lot through a fairy tale.

What is in the fairy tale?

Answer: Everything! Absolutely everything. There is a woodcutter, a princess, a king, a puss in boots, a pumpkin on wheels, whatever you want. Horses moving their hooves nervously, and all that sort of thing. An unhappy prince who is looking for his princess. Either he is like a frog or she is trapped somewhere in a high tower. Whatever you want, everything is possible. A fairy tale can do anything! And moreover, it manifests itself in a very open, as if naked form.

That is, they love, they want to be together. Someone does not help, someone is against it. Everything is open. That’s what is good about the fairy tale. In our world, a lot of adults enjoy watching real fairy tales. Although they know that these are fairy tales.

Question: Why? Is it an escape from reality?

Answer: This is more real than our life actually.

Question: What is the reality of the fairy tale?

Answer: Justice is rewarded, loyalty is rewarded. But all this has to go through a lot of twists and turns, all sorts of nooks and crannies, mazes of our egoism.

Question: So the fairy tale actually tells about what will really happen? That good will triumph over evil?

Answer: Absolutely. Otherwise, nothing would have started. All fairy tales must have a good ending, because it is already set initially.

Question: And fairy tales with a bad ending, what about them?

Answer: There is no such thing. It means they are not finished.

A fairy tale is written from the end. But the good ending should be in that there is a beginning, a denouement, a climax. In general, absolutely everything and always a good ending. It was designed from the very beginning.

My conclusion is this: a fairy tale should start from the beginning. Then there should be some kind of demonstration process; educational, accusatory, and so on. The heroes have to diverge and be unhappy with what is happening, this one wants to kill and it does not work, this one wants to escape but can’t, they want to get married, it’s not working, and so on.

That is, in all this they cannot find ties between them, and who writes that fairy tale? The Creator! That’s when they gradually despair of solutions, each in their own way: ”What to do?” Then they begin to understand that they are under an upper will, and then everything begins to work out for them, to come together. And it turns out that this upper will, the upper force, leads them to the right decision, to a good end. And good triumphs.

Question: Were you really talking about our time just now?

Answer: It is precisely in our time that this upper force begins to manifest itself in various states, when humanity has no other answer to the questions than to say that it is the upper force

Comment: And this unkind fairy tale, as it seems to humanity, begins to move.

My Response: And then it will be kind! Because it points you to the ultimate solution—the one who conceived it, started developing it and doing it, and now has to finish it.

Question: And we are led to love, to happiness?

Answer: Yes!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/21/21

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