What Do Commentaries On The Sources Give Us?

216.04Question: Why was it necessary after 1,000 years to write a commentary on the Torah?

Answer: It is impossible to pass the Torah from mouth to mouth all the time because each generation falls lower and lower. The next generation somehow changes what you pass on to them and partially begins to understand.

Question: Isn’t the information in the Pentateuch enough?

Answer: No. The Pentateuch is generally difficult to understand. It is perceived as an historical story and no one understands what is hidden behind it. Only the Kabbalists do.

Certainly The Book of Zohar is a full commentary on the Torah. But what a commentary! Does anyone understand what it says?

Question: What is the point of this commentary if no one understands it?

Answer: It is intended for Kabbalists who can use The Book of Zohar to understand what is written in the Torah.

Question: When you read The Book of Zohar, do you understand the Torah better?

Answer: Of course! And without The Book of Zohar, it is very difficult—there is no connection. The Zohar provides the connection between the Torah and what the Kabbalist attains.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/3/19

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