Returning From The Other World

627.2Question: “I came back from dead in the full sense of the word: I  experienced clinical death after falling from the eighth floor of a building. I survived. What I saw and felt cannot be expressed in words—it was a sense of peace and love. The kind of love that does not exist. I now understand that it is not terrible to die. It is much worse to live in this world.

Can you explain what I saw and why I was brought back to this world? And why do we suffer so much here if it is so good there?”

Answer: I also experienced clinical death. I also felt this inspiration and this peace. So what? We must still fulfill all the conditions that are given to us from above, from the highest level of nature. You should not dwell on it too much.

You will not understand it now anyway, I am not going to explain it to you either. You must live by the law, that is, to try and stick to the good in spite of everything that nature awakens in you.

Comment: What about the fact that a person lives with this memory of how good it was and is no longer afraid to die? This man is no longer afraid.

My Response This too is given to him now. It is his destiny to undergo such states.

Question: Well, you know, there are a lot of TV programs and incredible books that people cannot put down, they become bestsellers. They describe how a person comes back from the other world and how good it was there: a tunnel of light, love, and on and on. Is this all to calm us down?

Answer: It has nothing to do with the truth. No connection.

Comment: You are breaking people’s hearts now. They are holding on to this notion.

My Response The main thing is to sweeten this life of yours. They say that life here is not that important as long as there is something waiting for us later.

There will be no Egyptian pyramids, no dancing concubines or whatnot—nothing is awaiting for us there at all.

Question: But you constantly tell us that if we reach the spiritual world, that it is a state of love, a state of bestowal, a state of peace. When you say that, what do you mean?

Answer: The upper world is a state of correct self-assessment. Meaning, it is more like a trial, a very deep psychological evaluation of your feelings, your thoughts, and your actions from the standpoint of truth, which becomes revealed when you break away from the body.

After all, what is it about living or dying? It is about giving up your ego. Only then can one see not through his ego, but the true picture of what is happening in the universe. Then a person can see what is called the future world, the upper world. Not through the ego. Through the ego, one only sees this world.

Question: So you can actually say that gradually, if you let a person break away from egoism, from this body even a little, that he can already experience the states that make such an impression on him?

Answer: Yes, you can say so.

Question: And the truth, is it a billion, many billion times greater than all of this here?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And you are telling us that man can come to the truth in this life, in this body, in this world? Even to a much greater state than he has felt and is dreamed of?

Answer: Of course! A billion times greater.

This requires a special inner state of man, of his desires, intentions, his strength. Otherwise, it will crush him. Therefore, man is not allowed to experience it until he acquires in this world the screen—the force of resistance to egoism—in order not to trade these special states for something sweet. Then it is given to him.

Comment: You are saying that there is such great, incredible love and happiness in store for us that we have to …

My Response: … be prepared for it. And a person gets prepared for it in this world If he wants to.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/2/20

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