Ascending To The Next Level

261Question: From which point can I push myself to advance if my desire doesn’t want to?

Answer: Of course you don’t want to! It is like asking the Creator to take you back to the starting point of creation in which you were a total zero. Cancel me so I do not exist. It is the most repulsive appeal you can make to the Creator if a person says that he doesn’t agree with everything that the Creator has done.

It appears in us naturally when we despise our life, our attributes, this world, and everything that happens to us. This is a terrible state.

We need to ascend above all this a little and see that it is all intentional in order to push us out of this world, so that we will somehow try ascend above it and ask that Creator to raise us and see all the powers, the attributes, and the negative events that we encounter as opportunities that we are given in order to balance ourselves, and without which we will not be able to advance.

These states are crucial so that we can leap above them to the next level and then to the next level, etc. This is how we constantly advance.

So don’t look at our world as a given state. The Creator distorts it on purpose so that we will ascend to the next level as soon as possible.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/16/18

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