The Main Risks Of 2021

293Question: Many major risks of 2021 have been named. And it is not the coronavirus. The main risk of 2021 has been declared to be the division of America; half of the US population considers any new leader of the country illegitimate.

What do you think the main risk of 2021 is?

Answer: It is demonstrating for the whole world, for the entire human community, that we do not consider anything that does not agree with our views, thoughts, attitudes, and understanding. We do not discern anything else.

We began to realize that we cannot tolerate anything foreign at all—not at all and not in any way! And that is what America is showing us. The Americans have come through a very serious path. This is a very big progress.

What is America in itself? It was a highly developed egoistic society where one thinks only of himself and absolutely does not care about anything. All others exist only to make money from them.

They were developing until they reached the point when the society got divided into two practically equal parts. America shows us that if the whole world had gone the way they did, it would have come to the same result. And what would have happened next?

That is, it is clear that it is no longer possible to advance egoistically.

And therefore, a very interesting exercise comes from the side of nature. It is like in school when one is asked to do an exercise in class so that later, perhaps one will not make the same mistakes in life.

So, here we need to solve the problem. How can we create an integral society? Like in America, which was built from practically all nations and ethnic groups, how can we build such a society that everyone understands that this is the best state for them? Not only the best possible, but generally the best.

Question: Is the task even more global? How can we make something more or less unified out of this society, such a single nation?

Answer: Yes, naturally. This is what America is showing us. We will learn from it.

Comment: Second on the list of the risks of 2021 is a protracted pandemic. It is believed that on the background of vaccination, there will be an even greater division of society into rich and poor, job cuts, loss of confidence in the authorities, and so on.

My Response: I believe that this heals our society and reveals all its miasmas. This pandemic will eventually purify us.

There is hell, purgatory, and heaven. We need to go through it all.

It is our existence in this world that we will consider like hell, which we do not yet realize, and we want to be in it and warm ourselves from this fire.

Purgatory is when we will try to cleanse ourselves of our egoism, which kindles this terrible fire of hatred, opposition, and so on. And then, when we turn all this for the good for all of us, we will reach paradise.

Question: In principle, is all this a definition of a sore spot? “This is a sore spot. I, the virus, have come to show you this and will not let you go.” Yes?

Answer: Yes. And therefore, we must look positively at all the moments of the development that we are going through, and only learn how we must behave after all, not only in order to smooth them out, that is, to escape from some danger or some blow, but so that we can become aware of their need to such extent that we kiss the stick that beats us. When we begin to approach this, then we will already become truly conscious elements of our development.

Question: That is, if I realize that what has come is good, and the fight against it will not be with the help of a vaccine but in some other way? Which one?

Answer: I will only struggle with myself in order to be a correct member of society. If we remove the human, universal viruses of hatred for each other, then all the rest of them will simply disappear.

Comment: The third risk of 2021 is the fight against climate change, which will lead to international competition.

My Response: Climate change depends on us, on our attitude toward nature, toward ourselves, and toward human society. It is because human society, unfortunately, is at the highest level in the hierarchy: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and then human nature.

Therefore, if we discover the right interactions between ourselves, which, in principle, the entire science of Kabbalah addresses how a man should relate to man, then we will correct all this. There is nothing complicated in this, everything depends on us. Everything depends on the state of the relationship between us.

Everything is decided only at the level of relations between people.

Question: Indeed, what if you found this “golden key”? Would we solve all these risks in one swoop?

Answer: It depends on the people.

Question: Why is a man deaf and cannot hear it? Not scientists, nor politicians, no one.

Answer: Because this is an appeal from egoism against egoism.

Comment: And he closes his ears, closes everything.

My Response: This requires a lot of suffering and problems, when a person thinks that that is it, there is nothing else I can do, then I am ready to listen.

I hope we will stop fighting the virus and will start fighting the harmful relationships between us, which bring about the states in which the virus can multiply and infect us.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/7/21

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