Cleave To The Teacher

165Question: Can we cling to our friends when we work in the tens so much that we become infected with a reverent attitude toward the teacher from them? Or is it impossible?

Answer: It is possible. We can help each other on our spiritual path and move forward calmly. If a person who is in a descent bows before the group, then the group will show him how to start listening to the teacher. And then this student can receive the same thing as the rest.

Question: That is, it does not matter what you are as wise as you can be or if with a sensitive heart. If you are in the right mood, can you receive absolutely all conditions and stick to the teacher?

Answer: Yes. Mental development does not matter here.

Question: Suppose a person knows that he does not yet have any inner development, that he is lazy. But he really wants to achieve! Can he cling to the teacher with this desire and get everything?

Answer: Only through the group! The group is the connector to the teacher and through the teacher with the Creator. There are no other ways.

Question: This means that a person places himself in a group, and the group helps him  hear the teacher, cleave to him, and go to the Creator. It doesn’t matter who, what, and where you are now, even if you are a hermit. If you want to, you can?

Answer: We all came from one system, the ten, from a soul that was broken into many parts. Therefore, gathering in such tens, we again reveal the Creator and unite with Him.
From KabTV’s “Teacher – Student” 2/7/19

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