Act According To Nature’s Formula

599.02Comment: In Kabbalistic sources, it is written that without the revelation of the Creator, we cannot be equal.

My Response: We will not be ale to do this because we need a common denominator we doing this for. The good of society cannot interest us. Our egoism is beyond that.

Equality is possible only if we unite in our upper root, from which we come. Then, as we reach it, we will understand why we are different. Precisely this difference in the integral sum gives us the feeling of equality.

Comment: Throughout the history of mankind, we have existed in a society where there has been no equality. Even today, the struggle for equal opportunities continues. Women try to become like men and vice versa.

You, as a Kabbalist, say that there can be no equality and humanity itself will never come to it.

My Response: We do not need to strive for mechanical equality. We must act according to the formula of nature, and then we will become equal. Even though we are different, we will be equal.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/29/19

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