Passing The Wisdom From A Teacher To A Disciple

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Letter 43”: And the sages said: “the reverence for your teacher is like the reverence for Heaven.” And this is why Rizhner was proud that he had attained the highest level of all the sages in his generation, since he had acquired the faith of the sages more than anyone in his generation

And we should understand that faith isn’t the question, since even six-year-old children can acquire it, but it is his feeling of the greatness and the awe his soul felt by the wisdom of the sages, that part of His wisdom renders superfluous to those who revere Him.

Passing on the wisdom refers to the passing of the Light of Hochma and not to external wisdom. Therefore, it depends on the connection between the spiritual Partzufim. An upper Partzuf gives birth to a lower Partzuf from its “chest” downwards, like GE gives birth to AB. First GE gives birth to the internal Partzuf of AB and then the external Partzuf of AB stems from it, which comes after Galgalta, by being dressed on it from the outside, from its “chest” downwards. This is the order of the Partzufim.

Passing on the Light is impossible without such a connection between the spiritual Partzufim, without the lower being adhered to the upper one in some way. The place of adhesion is where the upper and the lower connect into one whole. Then the lower can receive from the upper and the upper can pass something on to it. If there is no such place of adhesion, of connection between them, then the lower cannot be born and cannot receive the Light from the upper.

After the shattering, we find ourselves in this world and we develop as a result of the Reshimot (reminiscences) that are evoked in a certain order, from the lighter ones to the heavier ones. Here we already have to work from the bottom up and to acquire a stronger Masach (screen) over our ego each time in order to adhere to the upper one.

We also receive the Masach from the upper by the Light that Reforms. The order of the degrees never changes; it only seems to us that it doesn’t exist since we don’t feel it. Actually we are all connected, since the shattering is only revealed with regards to a person himself, according to his attainment and his feeling.

So the whole system is revealed to us according to the order the Reshimot are evoked from the bottom up. We only have to add our labor to attain adhesion with the Creator. This adhesion is attained through the group, a teacher, and all the means that we have including the studying. Thus we receive the Light that Reforms and through the studying and the connection with the group and the teacher we reach adhesion with the Creator; that’s the way it works.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/4/12, Lesson About the Greatness of the Rav

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