With A Machine Gun in Every Window

541Question: Sociologist Igor Eydman wrote on his Facebook page: “All mass murders in world history were fighting for the sake of ‘high ideals’: religion, ‘national interests,’ ideology. Terror and violence will cease only when the highest value for people will become not gods, leaders, ideologies and other artificially created entities, but their own individual ones: life, health, freedom, creativity, security, life comfort. And not only in Muslim, but also in Christian, Jewish, Chinese and other societies.

“An individual who acts in his own rational interests will not risk himself and destroy others for collective misconceptions. War and terror would not be possible in the world of rational individualism.
Only moving towards this goal, unfortunately, unattainable in the foreseeable future, can reduce mass violence and conflicts. This is banal, but I see no other way out of the current permanent massacre.” [in translation]

How do you like such a simple, trivial idea that if a person only cares about himself, he will not get involved in all these conflicts?

Answer: Yes, it is good, of course, to speak, but egoism will wear us out, wither us, squeeze all the juices out of us, and will not let go until we wish only one thing: to rise above it. And to exist in it in some comfortable, warm corner will not work.

Question: Will it still lead us out of this corner?

Answer: Yes. It is specially created to be constantly evolving. All the time its evil, green, poisonous juices wander around. It will not let us live in peace.

Egoism is growing in us all the time. Our natural desire is to somehow get along with it because we seem to have no other way.

And so we invent all sorts of theories of appeasement for ourselves with it, between us, and so on. “Well, can’t we? We are all human. There are republicans, there are leftists, all kinds of socialists. It doesn’t matter, we must somehow live together.” It will not work! We will arm ourselves and everyone will sit at home with machine guns in every window.

We will have to understand that only adopting the middle line of our joint coexistence will give us access to the next human level when it is neither you, nor me, but precisely because we use our mutual hatred, rejection. We are using it! We do not suppress it, we do not extinguish it, but on the contrary, we use both the left and right lines correctly in order to raise the middle line above them. And then we can build ourselves.

But this is a very serious design. A person will understand what he is building, what he is building it for, what he is doing. All in serious internal stress. And by this, he will rise above his nature. Because the two lines that exist in nature—the right and the left—are being animated in us more and more in order for us to call the middle line. The Creator is the source from which these two lines, right and left, arise in us.

We must contrapose them in such a way that we understand how to connect them together so that a middle line appears. And we will learn and see where we come from, where it all descended from in us.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/9/20

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