Why Can’t We Reach An Agreement With The Creator?

560Question: Why can’t we reach an agreement with the Creator?

Answer: It depends on what you want to reach an agreement. If you want Him to do you favors and to make concessions, it won’t happen. We are all in a very rigid system of mutual connections. In this system, there can’t be any requests like: “Why are you toying with me? Why do you mistreat me for so long? See how much I suffer!?” All this does not help. After all, you see how humanity has been trying to plead with the Creator and offering Him sacrifices as if He expects such sacrifices from us. It does not work.

There is a perfectly accurate, healthy system of mutual connection of all the egoistic desires into a system of altruistic connection. We need to learn this system in the best possible way, to understand it, and then we will be able to exist in it, and to reveal it while still living in this world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/25/18

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