There Is Nothing Stronger Than Faith

582.03Considering the concept of “faith above reason,” we can say that knowledge is what we comprehend in our senses. And faith is the root, the source, from which both knowledge and all influences on us come.

This is such a clear comprehension when there is nothing stronger than faith. Knowledge is under faith. Even what I feel doesn’t tell me anything. The main thing is that I rise to the level of faith and see the source of what I feel in knowledge, in my senses.

Question: That is, the feeling of faith in Kabbalah is much clearer than what I feel today with my five material senses?

Answer: Of course. You begin to understand the source of your sensations: what drives you, what exactly you feel. You feel this world in your five senses, and the source that builds this world for you presents it to you. Therefore, it is important to you.

Question: Is the source what it was before the Big Bang?

Answer: Before the Big Bang and in general, that is, it is the only upper force that controls everything, keeps everything in itself.

Comment: It remains only to check.

My Response: This is happening gradually, and we are moving toward it.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/11/19

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