The Magic Wand Of The Jews

632.2Question: I am amazed at this great screenwriter—the Creator.

Just now as we have created a vaccine, bam, there is a new kind of virus in England. At exactly the same time! London is in lock-down, flights are cancelled. Israel and other European countries are not accepting incoming flights. Panic is gripping Europe that this virus will jump over to them. Boris Johnson announced that the country is under quarantine.

Tell me, please, how much longer will this go on? At the very moment we seem to have found some kind of an antivirus, this happens!

Answer: You are not after the right thing. Seriously! This is the problem of humanity. It tries to get rid of what it is faced with. Meaning, it wants to fight not with the root cause but with the consequences.

And if you only deal with the consequences, you will have newer and newer ones emerging until you reach the root cause. And you will find yourself facing a wall and all that will be left to do is to scream. To scream for your own correction. It is not the world or some external virus that needs to be fixed, but the virus in you.

Question: If I scream: “Tell me what I should do!” Is this already a big step in the right direction?

Answer: Yes. Besides, we all know that the virus is in us. This virus is called “human egoism.” Once we get rid of it, there will be no more problems.

Comment: This is something that only you and maybe a few more scientists know.

My Response: That is the problem. This means humanity will continue to receive blows.

Question: Is it for it to come to realization that the virus is inside of us, that it is our egoism?

Answer: Yes. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything else here.

Comment: For now, doctors are comforting us: “It is OK, we will come up with an antivirus.”

My Response: The doctors represent those who point us in some other direction instead of showing us the root cause of all the problems.

Comment: But they do not know.

My Response: This is the problem. Nobody in the world knows anything, but they think they know and keep confusing each other.

Question: So, what is going to happen? Let’s say we find a way to control this with some antivirus. But it will pop up in Brazil, then in Argentina, in Russia, and on and on. Are these “boils” going to keep erupting all over the “body”?

Answer: Yes. Until it gets to Israel!

Question: Do you believe that, one way or another, Israel must be the first to arrive at the root of all these problems?

Answer: I believe that all the peoples of the world must realize that if Israel wants this virus to disappear, then it must make it so that it disappears, which means that everyone should unite together. And if the Jews unite, then automatically all the other peoples of the world will unite in this. Join them! Nobody will be against this kind of vaccine if it is done in Israel!

Question: By vaccine do you mean connection?

Answer: Unification! Nobody in the world will oppose it! It will be like waving a magic wand because the conductor is standing there—at the top.

Question: The screenwriter?

Answer: Yes. As soon as it becomes revealed in the world and as soon as the nations of the world force Israel to do so, then this feedback passes from the nations of the world to Israel, it will happen!

The points of connection will be revealed. Just like the spikes this virus has, that is how everything will be locked in together like cogwheels, and everything will be fine.

Question: Is this for every Israeli, every Jew?

Answer: And everyone else also.

Question: Will the whole world become locked in together and the machine will start working?

Answer: Nothing else is needed—only to become locked in together! Then all this will instantly manifest itself as a single mechanism.

We cannot even imagine how our unity will start changing everything on the global scale. Everything will start to change: stars, galaxies, nebulas. It is merely inanimate matter! It is on a level below us.

Question: Will humanity start changing also?

Answer: As we begin to aspire toward each other, everything around us will begin to change. The picture of the world, the depiction of the starry sky, and we will witness how this is happening. This all is yet to come.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/21/20

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