Life Has Not Gone Anywhere

962.8Question: The vaccine has come in various forms and there are studies showing that it works.

There are skeptics who are afraid, but there are those who want to get vaccinated so that all this will end. That is, people now have an opportunity and the thought: “Well, when this year ends, everything will return to normal.”

I find myself thinking that we are going to start meeting physically. Everything will return to normal, and people will again begin to fly to their friends and relatives, to travel, to live. Life will continue. Already this blockage will end.

This thought is in people’s minds that everything will return to normal, and life will begin again. What do you think?

Answer: Life has not gone anywhere. So, if it comes back, I do not know what we mean by life. This is first. Second, you cannot bring back what was. So this whole pandemic, this whole virus, will accompany us. I think we should realize what it has given us.

Comment: I generally follow the press; few people have drawn conclusions about why the virus came and what it came for.

My Response: No. They want to go back to what was, how it was.

Comment: Yes, this is the natural state of a person who is already tired of all this.

My Response: As if it were good.

Question: So what do we need to realize now in order to live a new life, but good?

Answer: We must look to the future as a new day that must be a consequence of the past day. We do not consider this past day! We do not want to get any information from it.

Question: Do you need to pull information from the past?

Answer: Sure. Only we do not want to. We want to jump back. That is all. As we we flew, we fly, as we walked, we walk. There were all sorts of shows on television, there were theaters, movies. We went to restaurants, everywhere. The streets were full of people, they went to any cafe, to any place.

Question: What information should be extracted from the past?

Answer: That if we want to return to rapprochement, then rapprochement must be internal in order to neutralize this virus. This is difficult to explain to people. But the problem is in us. The virus is in us. If I want to neutralize it, I need to fill my attitude toward others with feelings of connection, rapprochement, love. Then I will neutralize the negative effects of the virus.

Question: Are you saying that this connection, this love was not in our past life?

Answer: Of course not.

Question: Whatever a person imagines was there, What should he do with it?

Answer: He just felt free. The virus came to us and showed that you have no right to approach another, say closer than two meters.

You cannot get any closer to the other one! People should understand that the virus actually came from the spiritual level, that is, from the level of feelings, from the level of correction of the human being, and then it descends to the biological, animal level.

Question: So, is it asking us to reach this level?

Answer: Inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human nature! Human nature is higher than animals. That is, it is an emotional relationship between human beings. If we fix that, then there is nothing to fix at all the lower levels, everything will be right and good.

Question: So, should we correct our internal relations with each other?

Answer: Only that. It is necessary to reveal to a person what this means. He says: “I did not like others?! I was hugging them! I sat with them, drank!”

Comment: Of course. They were my friends, my family.

My Response: How can I explain to him that it was all an egoistic, rigid, purely psychological hateful relations?

Comment: This is very difficult to explain. The person kept the warmth toward his close people…

My Response: He did not think about it. Now we have to go to another level.

Question: So, must a person understand that he has lived using others all the time? Actually, his love was to use them, one way or another.

Answer: Yes.

Comment: It is not easy!

My Response: Then we will begin to explain to mothers what it means to love their children.

Comment: But the mother is 1000% sure that she loves her child!

My Response: She loves him, of course. But this is the animal level of love. Leave this state and only give the child a more inner content—eternal, perfect! With your awareness of where it comes from!

From your inner animal body, from your urge as an animal to an animal you want to hug him, you want to lick him, like a cow licking her newborn calf, and so on.

Here another thing is also necessary—why do I do this, for what, why does nature arouse such feelings in me? I cannot just blindly follow my instinctive impulses of nature, which urges me like this, forces me. I must understand why I must do this, agree with it, and confirm with my consent that I am doing it consciously. For what?

In order to fully know and justify the Creator’s program in these actions. So that in this love between us, between all people, we will unite in a system called Adam, and in the end, we would find the same connection of love toward the Creator.

Adam is a single soul. Then we will feel how He “licks” us, as a cow does to her calf, and we perceive it as a calf perceiving a cow, a mother.

This is what everything was created for. When this highest love is manifested on all levels down to the lowest level, then this is the revelation of the Creator to the creatures.

We are not going anywhere. This must all be revealed.

Question: Do we reveal that we are one in the hands of the Creator?

Answer: Yes. We must be even higher, even to the point that we must reach an equal state with Him, realize His attitude toward us, rise to the level of understanding and feeling the source of His attitude toward us, that is, to grow ourselves to such a level.

Question: Do we even have to get to the purpose?

Answer: Of course, otherwise what will we do? Like a baby in its mother’s arms? He feels good, and his mother feels good. We need to grow. In our spiritual relationship with the Creator there is also an inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human level.

Question: What is the purpose of creation, the last point?

Answer: To rise to this state, to the highest, when we feel from where His love arises in the Creator and descends on us.

We will get there. It is precisely programmed. We are just trying to do it quickly and for everyone.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/14/20

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