Shame Is The Point Of My “Self”

532Shame is the point of my “self,” its indication. The more shame a person feels, the higher he is. Shame can manifest itself in everything: in honor, in fame, and in knowledge.

What drives us forward? What develops us in society? I look at others and I do not want to be worse than them. I measure everything in relation to my shame.

Question: Does Kabbalah develop a bigger sensitivity to shame in a person?

Answer: Of course. This is great egoism. Externally, this may not be so strongly manifested, but internally, a person begins to feel ashamed even from some small tap.

Question: And how does this manifest itself in a group when we are trying to unite together and reveal the Creator?

Answer: We understand that each of us has egoism, and each of us has an enhanced sense of shame; and we must play on this feeling, showing the other person how much worse he is in relation to his friends, and to what extent he does not fulfill what we would like him to. In this way we spur him forward for his own benefit.

Question: Is there a difference between shame in relation to people and in relation to the Creator? Or is it the same thing?

Answer: It depends on a person’s stage of development. But in practice, he must reach a state in which the attitude toward people and toward the Creator will be the same. Because my attitude to people is just a means, the system through which I relate to the Creator. As it is written, “the Creator is hiding behind every person.”
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/22/19

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