Why Does Kabbalah Ignore Spiritual Practices?

559Question: The opening of energy zones, chakras, astral trips, and meditation are fundamental spiritual practices. Why does Kabbalah limit itself and ignore them, as if everything related to magic was specially removed from it?

Answer: That which exists only in your head, in mysticism, in your ideas and thoughts, is not in Kabbalah.

Kabbalah should give a person a result. Moreover, this result must be tested by experience, in practice. If this is missing and there are only far-fetched ideas, then this is not science.

Kabbalah talks about how we should change our senses, and does that clearly, in a regulated manner, step by step. And in accordance with this, we will feel a new world in them.

You may say, “This is also mysticism.” No! This is not mysticism because here you calculate how much I change my egoism, how much I rise above it, to what level, how, and what I feel at the same time in the next level of the universe, which is revealed to me above my egoism.

And I can come back again and rise again. And the other does the same, and we describe it to each other. This is absolutely real. But all this must be felt.

Many sciences are at a level where you cannot transfer anything to another individual, everyone must somehow experience it in themselves.

Question: We do not need astral trips, meditation, and opening the third eye?

Answer: No way! Personally, I am a very realistic person by nature. My first occupation, even before Kabbalah, was biological medical cybernetics. I cannot imagine doing meditation: sitting with folded arms, eyes closed, and delving into something.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 12/31/18

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