Rules Of The Game With The Creator

275The concepts in the wisdom of Kabbalah are different from those we are accustomed to in our world. Playing is actually a transition. Like a cat that crouches before jumping, aims itself, and only then jumps. All this preparation and adjustment for an imaginary jump is a game. The cat plays-out how it will jump now.

That is, a game is a way to envision a future state. Therefore, our whole life should be a game. We are yearning to connect and within our connection to reveal the Creator, the purpose of our existence, eternal and perfect life. All this is achieved through the game.

Children play all the time and this is how they grow. It is the same in spiritual life, but there we must take the game into our own hands, understand it, and play together with the Creator. After all, without the game, we will not be able to come closer to Him and become His partners. The more we depict ourselves as being closer to the Creator, the better we understand the rules of this game.

It turns out that we must play constantly: a person plays with himself, plays with the group, plays with the Creator. And the Creator plays with the Leviathan, that is, with all creation. With the help of the game, we reach a state called the “meal of the Leviathan” when all of humanity sits around a large table with the Creator to taste the Leviathan.

We played with it, used it to become a man, Adam, similar to the Creator, and we merged with Him into one. Then the whole Leviathan, the whole creation, is placed at our disposal for correct use, which is called the meal of the Leviathan, the end of correction.

There is nothing but the game. The game means that I move from the current state to the next, more advanced one. Life is constant change, transition from state to state. I only need to add the Creator to these changes as the first one who starts this entire game and as the last one to whom I come after successful implementation.

I first discover all the states I go through inside the ten, in the current state, and change the ten, my participation in it, until I come to the correct use of the conditions prepared by the Creator. This is how we advance.

This is called a game because we have not reached the state we want to be in yet. The effort to move into the desired state, the higher one, more bestowing and more advanced in relation to the connection between us and our connection with the Creator, is called a game.

It is always possible to play. Even animals play, but they do it unconsciously, like children by virtue of the developmental instinct. If we want to use the game to come out of this world into the upper world, then we must accept this game, understand its rules, and build the system of the game ourselves in order to rise above.

Each of us is playing all the time. Each person is like a puppet played by either the will to receive, without asking his permission, or the will to bestow, which he himself invites to act within him. Then he plays in love of friends.

We always see a game, and therefore, we should evaluate a person only depending on what kind of a game he is playing: a negative one, at the initiative of his egoism, or a positive one, when he attracts the will to bestow to play through him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/4/21, “Play”

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