Discover The Initial Reason

260.01Question: If everything is fine during the convention and everyone integrates into everyone else, and then you are suddenly thrown off and cannot feel the connection with the friends, should you just leave, or should you help them integrate at that moment?

Answer: Who gave you this state? The Creator, so turn to Him. If you feel that you cannot sit in the same place anymore, and that you cannot stand it another minute, and that you are simply thrown out of the group, turn to the Creator immediately. He gave you this state for a certain goal. The problem is that we act unknowingly and disregard the root cause.

The initial cause is the Creator, so you need to tie everything you feel in life to Him. He inserts everything you feel into you and revives these feelings in you. You need to turn to Him immediately and ask Him: “Why? What is the reason for this?” The moment you understand and perceive that it comes from Him, your attitude toward what you immediately feel changes. You begin to understand that it has a meaning and that it was given to you on purpose, so that you will lock yourself on the Creator, and that it is impossible to penetrate you any other way.

The Creator gave you fears, worries, and sharp hostile feelings, which means that He shakes you so that you have no other choice but to turn to Him. You do not understand what it is about, and suddenly you begin to remember that it is from Him, that it is Him.

We must get used to locking all our emotions and feelings on Him so that we will feel and understand that every big or small thought that may worry me or not is from Him and that He awakens it in me, He, He, He. Thus, I will begin to feel Him, and I will gradually be in contact with Him and begin to understand what He does, why, and for what purpose. This is the beginning of the method of the revelation of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/11/19

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