How To Keep The Gains?

294.4Everything will pass—and the grain of hope will not grow,
Everything you have saved up will be lost for nothing
If you don’t share it with a friend in time –
All your possessions will go to your enemy.
Omar Khayyam

This is how it will be. If we leave this world without giving away everything we have, internal gains as well as external, will all go to the Klipot.

Question: What does it mean to give it away, to give to a friend? Not just to give it away, but give it to a friend.

Answer: To someone who can use it correctly. This means that he will continue with you, follow you, move closer to the Creator so that he would constantly find the image of the Creator in connection with others.

There is no Creator. When we get closer to each other, we begin to feel that such a force exists.

Question: Your statement “There is no Creator” kills everyone. It’s all over the Internet. You’ve completely confused people. What do you mean?

Answer: In the image in which people imagine the Creator, He does not exist in this. This is an absolutely false idea about life and death, about the Creator, about the issue of punishment. It is all so invented and distorted. And people live by these false impressions, build their lives around it.

Question: When can one say that there is a Creator?

Answer: When one discovers, in spite of one’s own egoism and the egoism of others, the existence of a force that is above it—a kind, loving force. Then a person understands that this is the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/21/20

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