Which Future Will We Choose?

961.1Comment: Bill Gates says that the coronavirus pandemic has taken us twenty years back, if not more. He also says another very interesting thing that does not go along with what you say at all. In a New York Times interview, “Nonetheless, Mr. Gates was optimistic that the lost ground would be recovered ‘in two to three years.’ The pipelines of money from tourism, remittances, World Bank loans and other sources would begin flowing again as soon as the whole world was vaccinated, ending the pandemic; he expected that to be accomplished by sometime in 2022.”

This means that he wants to restore the past.

My Response: Well, what can we do? He is like a small child confused with all his economic calculations. He has probably also lost quite a bit of money or perhaps the opposite, maybe he has made more money.

Comment: He is an optimist and he calms the world by saying that it is possible to return to the state we were in before, yet you are saying that the world will never be what it was before.

My Response: Never.

Comment: You don’t calm the world.

My Response: No! I tell the world, “things will be much worse for us.”

Question: Can you elaborate on that? What is so optimistic about that? Why does the world have to hear this?

Answer: They need to hear that unless people correct themselves and the relations between them, all people will feel bad. All people will feel bad! This means that we have to correct ourselves. There is nowhere you can escape to and there is no other choice. What am I saying that is so bad?

Comment: I personally don’t think there is anything bad about that, but people want to return to the world in which we flew around and went on holidays all the time and visited people.

My Response: You can fly wherever you want to, but you will not be able to restore the old world in any way.

Comment: People don’t want to erase the old world from their memory.

My Response: You know, there are movies like that in which a person leaves a certain place, abandons it, and then within two or three years everything there simply disintegrates, everything falls apart.

Question: So you believe that this is very superficial thinking and that the correct thinking is that we will not return to the past and we need to think about the future?

Answer: There is no going back! Show me even one historic event, one case in which people went back. There is no such thing. Even if they did go back after a war, after restoration, it was totally different. There were new cities and new relationships!

Comment: This is the most important thing for you, a new relationship.

My Response: It is not for me. It is the most important thing for nature and this is the reason nature puts us in such states.

Question: It isn’t about tourism, not cities, not industry, not food, nothing, only relationships?

Answer: It is about bringing a person to the state of one whole.

Question: Is this what nature wants and will attain no matter what?

Answer: Of course, and we choose the good way or the bad way.

Question: Can nature whisper to us, “Choose the good way?”

Answer: Nature constantly whispers to us, but we don’t want to hear. It constantly suggests this to us!

Question: Does this mean that we don’t hear this voice of nature?

Answer: We don’t hear it.

Comment: We hear ourselves and only shout, “Take us back. We don’t want to live like this!”

My Response: That’s the only thing we do!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/21/20

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