The Difference Between Moral Principles And Moral Norms

560Question: There is a difference between moral principles and moral norms.

A moral norm is, for example, to give up a seat on public transport. Moral principles include humanism, altruism, collectivism, justice, mercy, peacefulness, patriotism, and tolerance.

Most people fulfill moral norms but not moral principles. Maybe this is because moral principles are less specific and everyone understands them in their own way?

Answer: Yes, they are less specific. We should learn to realize them inside ourselves by building an internal system of our thoughts and interactions. Then, we can gradually come closer to their implementation.

All sorts of norms, such as giving up your seat on public transport, have nothing to do with the correction of a person. These norms are intended to make a social product out of a person and nothing more. This is not what the science of Kabbalah implies. One follows some principles that one was taught but, at the same time, one do not correct oneself.

Question: What if it comes from love for your neighbor?

Answer: This means that it comes from selfish love for one’s neighbor. We must clearly understand the reason for our actions. Is it an attitude toward a common connection into one unified system with the comprehension of its unified higher power, or is it giving the human community a more decent look?
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/9/20

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