General Strength, General Opinion

263Question: Are there situations when it is worth following just one person—a leader and not a team?

Answer: Yes. If we want to achieve a higher goal, then we cannot rely on the opinion of the crowd because by remaining a crowd with many opinions, it cannot produce anything special or higher than itself. We see what comes out of it. All this is invented only to fool people.

If we want to rise above our state we do not need a crowd. We need to train people, even that same crowd, to be a collective that can rise above themselves in faith above knowledge, that is, to the next level of development, sensing the creation.

Question: But in order to rise to this state, it is necessary to annul personal opinions and combine the efforts to create a unified desire. Why can’t we just add our opinions and not annul them?

Answer: No. If we do thus, we will not reach faith above knowledge. Each of us must humble ourselves in relation to the collective, and then we will all come to a state, where in our union, we become higher than each of us individually or together as a sum.

A completely different principle works here. I work with my egoism, raise society in my eyes, and accept it as something sacred. Despite the fact that I am right as an individual, I accept the opinion of society above my own because it is a society! I understand that there is a common strength, a common opinion, in it.

This is not the opinion of the crowd. By w anting to be connected together, we are all inside each other, each annulling oneself. Then we create such a state where everybody equalizes oneself with the others. Then we begin to feel the next level of our development, each from the point of annulment. This is called faith above knowledge.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/25/20

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