Equivalence Of Darkness And Light

546.02Question: When the Creator is revealed to me and I justify Him, relative to what does He appear?

Answer: He appears depending on how I feel in all my properties. I sense in them the right direction, the right pairing, the right movement toward a single, whole, absolutely good state.

Question: How can I tell if I’m not in an illusion? Maybe it just seems to me that I am justifying Him?

Answer: It emanates precisely when I must combine darkness and light, bad and good states, justify bad states and take strength from good states, I move forward in the middle line, not in darkness nor in light, but in the middle by connecting one line to the other. From them, I build my state.

That is, I build my relationship with the Creator so as to always be in a state when both darkness and light are equal for me. Thus, I have a clear reference point, direction, like a compass. If darkness and light are equal to me, then I correctly feel my state and the state of the world. And I have no problem, I know for sure that this is not an illusion.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/14/19

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