Pain Relief Through The Importance Of The Goal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does a person rise with faith above reason above his feeling of darkness?

Answer: A person ascends above darkness and all problems only through the Light that Reforms. It is not important if he understands this or not, feels this or not. That is how this action happens and is realized. The difference is only in whether he understands this action or not. It is a matter of perceiving the actions of the Creator on a person both in good and pleasant feelings and in bad and unpleasant feelings.

It is necessary to reach a state of accepting all bad things as good, as things that help me advance. The importance of the goal changes the character of an action to its opposite: from feeling the bad in an action to feeling its goodness so much that we stop feeling pain.

This means that we have the power of faith above reason. The importance of the goal extinguishes the bad feeling that makes us suffer within our desire to receive. It means that I am ready to make a Tzimtzum (restriction) and rise above the bad feeling. And that is how we advance.

But only the Light performs the action, and my job is to attract and hasten the action. I can arouse the Light and prepare myself to approach its action only as much as I can through my request or gratitude. This is how I shorten the time.

This determines our term; time exists only for us. For the Creator, time doesn’t exist, and we are always in the perfect, corrected, final state. What is additional can only be within our consciousness, how much we are ready to discover it as good, as the true form of His relationship.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/23/14

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