Entry Through A Closed Door

407.01First of all, everyone needs to nullify themselves. The first condition for entering the ten is to nullify yourself to zero. It is as if the ten is in a room behind a closed door, and there is only a narrow gap between the door and the floor where I can crawl through.

The door is locked, everyone can only get through the crack. So, they enter the group without any conditions and claims. If I want to enter the group, I must completely nullify myself or I will remain outside.

If I do not revoke all my claims in the ten, I have nothing to do in it. A person entering the ten goes through purgatory, clearing himself of all his claims and demands. He enters with one plea: to be accepted in the ten. He is ready to serve his friends, to pay them, to do whatever they want as long as he is accepted in the ten without any conditions on his part. Otherwise, the ten cannot even begin to move toward the goal of creation.

A person enters the ten in order to nullify himself through connection with it, to receive the properties of the Creator, and to continue stage by stage: to nullify himself more and more, to connect more and more with the ten, to receive the properties of the Creator and to ascend. When he completely cleaves to the ten, this is called love for the creation, and he will come to love for the Creator from there.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/16/20, “Close to the Creator During a Descent”

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