A Thousand Times You Will Fall And Rise


If I still remember that a descent comes from the Creator, then this is not yet a descent. A real fall is complete disconnection when I have no connection with the Creator, no thoughts, no desires. There is only one option left: to contact the ten.

We are in a state called the “corporeal world” for this, so we can fall within it and start from scratch, from the material level, from separation from spirituality. But nevertheless, we are left some kind of an end of the thread, a rope is dropped even when we are in our world. And this is why in our world we are in the system of Bnei Baruch, in connection with the world group, with the ten, with the lessons.

Even if I completely fall out and break away from spirituality, I still have a material connection with the spiritual system: with the ten, with the lesson. As long as I feel this material connection with the ten and hold on to it until the Creator throws me out completely, despite my lack of desire, hatred, and rejection, I am still considered to be in a fall from the spiritual, that is, in a spiritual state, and I can begin to rise from it.

Therefore it is said: “A thousand times the righteous falls and rises.” You need to get used to the descents and not panic. The Creator always gives the medicine along with the blow. If someone in the group was in descent, then there will definitely be those who did not fall and can help. And besides, there are Gabai and Shaatz—people who are responsible for taking care of the connection in the group in any state and raising it quickly. It all depends on the correct organization of the group.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/16/20, “Close to the Creator During a Descent”

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