“World-Reformers” Will Destroy The World

546.02Remark: When evil arises, and now there is a lot of evil in the world in all its colors, there suddenly appear those who want to correct it. They are called honorable people, they are given Nobel Prizes, etc. They come to correct this evil. They donate money for it and invest their strength in it.

The great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam, whose works we study, writes in the article “Peace in the World” about “The Weakness of ‘World Reformers'”: “This is the key to understand the weakness of world reformers throughout the generations. They regarded man as a machine that is not operating properly and needs mending, meaning to remove its broken parts and replace them with working ones.”

In principle, it sounds quite logical. That is, they want to operate the machine properly so that it runs smoothly according to their understanding.

“This is the tendency of all world reformers—to eradicate any harmful and bad in the human species… and it is true that had the Creator not stood against them, they would certainly have by now cleansed man entirely, leaving in him only what is good and useful.”

Answer: And that would bring the end of the world.

Remark: But it is written here that they would leave “only what is good and useful.” This would be good for the world.

My Comment: Well, of course! Try to suggest this and you will see that everyone will agree with you! Except the Creator.

Remark: And the Creator says, “No, I do not need the so-called good and beneficial. I do not need it to be the only thing that remains in the world.”

Further on, Baal HaSulam continues: “But because the Creator meticulously watches over all the elements in His creation, not letting anyone destroy a single thing in His domain, but only reform it and make it useful and good, all the reformers of the above-mentioned kind will vanish from the earth, and bad qualities will not vanish. They exist and count the degrees of development that they must still traverse until they complete their ripening.”

It is as if the Creator is saying, “I do not like these world-reformers. I do not like those who like to do good.” They want this evil to disappear, to replace the damaged parts in the car with good ones, and to make the car drive well. I do not want that.”

My Comment: That is correct. Who are Creator’s partners? Villains. They reveal evil in the world, as the Creator has said: “I have created the evil inclination…” That is, they are His accomplices who help Him and reveal evil.

They show us: “Look at what the Creator has created!” And the only thing missing here is the other side, where we need to take the forces of nature and build an opposite system that would compensate for this evil. Then through creating our own system of good that compensates for the evil, we will rise by both of these forces, on both levels.

Question: Does this mean that evil people are the closest to the Creator?

Answer: Yes. It is through them that the Creator creates the world.

Question: He creates the world and shows us that the world is created from evil. We see this, are horrified, and start fighting this evil.  Are you saying: “It is wrong to fight evil?”

Answer: We must learn to compensate for it correctly, to use it as the minus and the plus in electronics and other areas.

Question: So, the evil exists and I should not touch it. On the contrary, I must create a mountain of good. Here is a mountain of evil, and a mountain of good. Does this mountain of evil grow? And the mountain of good also grows? Is the main thing not to erase this second mountain?

Answer: You cannot erase them, you will only mangle all of nature.

Question: How do I build the mountain of good?

Answer: On the basis of evil.

Question: Seeing all of this evil, do I say: “This is not the right way, I should choose another way”?

Answer: Of course. Otherwise, you will be like those who destroyed sparrows, flies, and so on.

Question: So, do I build a mountain of good by looking at this mountain of evil?

Answer: According to it.

Question: Where do I get the strength to build this mountain of good?

Answer: Here you have to ask the Creator Himself.

Question: Is there no other way?

Answer: No. Then you will see why the Creator created evil. It is so that you would turn to Him and receive the force of good.

Remark: So, with material resources alone, with my abilities…

Answer: Will lead you nowhere. You will not accomplish anything. There is only evil in our world. Even the good that you see is also evil.

Question: And when they say: “This strong, charismatic, courageous, and determined leader will be able to lead us to good, to happiness,” and everyone starts voting for him, is it all a lie?

Answer: Sure. Today more and more people start to realize this.

Question: Is our task to build this good against evil, and all we need to do is ask for strength from nature, from the Creator?

Answer: To ask the Creator for the force of good to balance the evil and to ascend on these two forces as if on two legs.

Question: Will the world come to this?

Answer: Very soon! I believe that, perhaps, I will also get to see this. But we must lay the foundation.

Remark: This is definitely a turning point for a person.

Answer: We need to educate people! Basic concepts that we just need to lay out before them.

Question: We are talking about an ordinary person. Tell me, when one faces evil what should his first reaction be?

Answer: To balance the evil. If I want to destroy it, I have to balance it! In this way, I not only eradicate it as if reducing it to zero, but I employ it and use it for good.

As two forces in electricity: the minus and the plus. Any force that is revealed in this world consists of itself and of its opposite, its parallel. There is nothing else, only this. Therefore, regarding evil, we must find the expression of good and put them against each other, placing yourself in the middle. And you will see how to rise on these two streams of the fountain. That is how you will rise using both of them.

Question: So, are you saying that in order for one to rise in a good way, he has to be between good and evil?

Answer: They should push you from below like jets from a fountain.

Question: When I build good against the feeling of evil, is it called that I am in the middle? I see both good and evil.

Answer: Yes. We need to teach people how to use both forces correctly. For them, this is the revelation of the new world and endless possibilities.

Question: It means that we need to work on the first reaction of a person to destroy evil? So that the first reaction would be: “Oh!”

Answer: It depends on the support of society, on the environment.

Question: So, one way or another, a person should be searching, or he should be placed in the environment that thinks this way, right?

Answer: Yes. The environment will support him behind the scenes. And he will feel that he needs to perform certain actions. He will receive thoughts from the environment. The world is coming to this, there is no other way. This is how the world is arranged. The main thing is to move forward!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/10/20

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