World Flood: Covid-19

944Everywhere, as soon as there is a problem, we can enter the ark, the degree of Bina, and hide there. And then nothing can harm us because the degree of Bina is like a baby in its mother’s womb, protected from all sides. This is the safest place.

And after acquiring the qualities of Bina, we can add our desire to receive and start growing there. And then the ark gradually turns into a house in which there is also the light of Hochma.

But the safest thing to do when you are in a difficult situation is to enter the ark. In any flood that happens in our life, big or small, we need to join such a group that gives us the feeling of an ark, that is, the light of Hassadim, where everything is for the sake of bestowal. And then it is impossible to harm us in any way. The flood may be raging outside, but we are in a safe place, in the mother’s womb, inside the ark, inside the upper.

If we take refuge in the waters of Bina, we are protected by the upper degree. And there we begin to grow, getting bigger, and the ark grows with the embryo. And then it is time to be born, that is, to get out of the ark and continue to grow outside of it. It is written about Noah that when the time of the flood ended, he was able to get out of the ark and start building life anew.

But all this will happen later, now we are flooded by the flood waters, and all of humanity must enter the ark built from the good connection between us and the forces of mutual bestowal. Such an ark will protect us from all misfortunes.

Unfortunately, humanity will not enter the ark and will not feel the need for it without the flood, but only due to blows, problems, the fear of drowning in the waters of the flood. The flood is Gevura that opens in Bina leaving us no choice but to hide from the stormy waters. And this is possible only by connecting because this creates the true quality of the Bina.

The flood is not the real Bina, but Gevura revealed within Bina. And we create the reverse form, that is, Bina built upon the power of unity.

So, in the ten, we want to take shelter from the raging flood around us. And if we build the ten correctly, we will feel that no enemy will be able to near us. And if an unpleasant event does occur in the group, it means that we neglected to build the ark, which we had to strengthen more and more all the time. After all, we will have to spend many days in the waters of the flood until we can get out of the ark.

In the ark, we can hide together with all our egoistic desires: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human, and close ourselves inside the ark to be in common unity. Even though each would like to swallow the other, the ark acts on us with its power of bestowal.

All of humanity must now enter the ark, that is, cancel their egoism and want to unite. This is the very first correction, which means that we are building an ark where all the qualities that exist in humanity can exist together. And the flood, the stormy waters, is the revelation of the power of evil in the water. From all our desires, qualities, and thoughts, we must build a state where everyone wants to get closer to each other, that is, agree to live on this planet without any hostility.

The coronavirus is the flood that encourages us to build the ark on Earth, that is, a relationship that wraps us and protects us. Everyone treats others kindly without trying to eat them. Everyone enters the same ark and understands that they must not harm each other. And so, we all safely pass this stage, which is called the “flood” or the coronavirus.

If we had listened to the Creator’s warning in advance and started building good relations, we would not have had to reach such critical states as the coronavirus pandemic. And the blows will get stronger and stronger until we start to correct.

If we do not understand that we need to build the right relationships, then the upper governance will continue to destroy all ties between us, all our businesses. Many will have to drown in the waters of the flood, and only those who want to build the ark and take shelter in it will remain, that is, within the group where at least they do not harm each other.

The flood washes away everything we had before leaving us in despair and fear of the forces of nature. It leaves us with the only way out: to build the ark and nothing else. It pulls the ground from under our feet, all our foundation, deprives us of the opportunity to exist without either material or spiritual food. The upper force, which usually brings kindness and goodness, suddenly brings the flood down on us because we are opposite to its goodness. So it wants to drown us.

Therefore, we all enter the ark and must remain there for a while, like a fetus in the mother’s waters, until we grow up there enough so that we can exist outside the ark.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/4/20, “Noah”

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