Nature Abhors Anarchy

36Question: A person born in our world, according to his nature, always uses others. Of course, upbringing and genes play a role here, but he will at the first opportunity, without hesitating, prefer personal gain over the public good. Does it mean that he does not have any choice?

Answer: Of course, all our actions are strictly predetermined. The only choice is to move forward all the time and gradually raise the level of freedom: to what extent I can prefer the collective over the individual.

Question: What is the difference between freedom and anarchy?

Answer: There is no anarchy in nature. The fact is that people act at the level of our world without knowing the true laws of nature. There is also no anarchy in human behavior: everything is predetermined, everything is known.

The only thing we can do is to attract the surrounding light upon ourselves. However, this also happens under the influence of the upper force, and there is no anarchy here.

Anarchy is a specific system. But nature does not tolerate it. Nature is a very serious, strict, and absolute law.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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