My Thoughts On Twitter 11/8/20

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There is just one opportunity: to reveal the upper force, which will connect the two camps together. Revelation of the upper force and everyone’s unity—this is our work, as Kabbalists. This will soon be clear and we have to be ready for it. The world will want it, will come and ask for it.

The whole world will divide into the right and left. “Israel” will be responsible for billions on one side and billions on the other side not being able to connect with each other. We have to learn the middle line, which is established by the upper force: “He who makes peace in the heavens will make peace between us.”

There is no middle line—it will come from above. That is how the world and nature are built. Kabbalistic groups that work on coming closer to the upper force, to the goal of creation—Israel, those aimed “straight at the Creator,” will be in the center of the world and of everyone’s attention. They must provide a connection between the left and right lines.

Nature does not help people to unite, but on the contrary, it will divide them into two equal camps, as we are now seeing in the USA. Society has split down the middle, with millions of people on one side, and millions on the other.
A handful of people tip the scale to decide who becomes the American President.

The ego grows in the course of its development—the discrepancy between the right and left does not get smoothed out. They grow further apart from each other, the conflict and arguments between them increase. This is clearly expressed in America the left and right parties cannot come to a common denominator. This breakage exists even within families.
From Twitter, 11/8/20

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