My Thoughts On Twitter 11/7/20

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Everywhere, as soon as a problem appears, we can enter an “ark,” meaning the degree of Bina, and find refuge there. No one will be able to harm us, since the degree of Bina is like a baby in the mother’s womb, protected from all sides. It is the safest place.

In the ark, we can take refuge together with all our egoistic desires: still, vegetative, animate, and human, closing ourselves inside the ark to be in the common unity. Even if each one wants to devour the other, the ark acts upon us with its force of bestowal.
In this way, we will safely get through the “flood.”

The #coronavirus is a flood that incites us to build an ark upon the face of the earth—relationships that envelop and protect us. Each one treats others kindly, not trying to devour them. Everyone enters one ark and they understand that they mustn’t harm one another. #kindness
From Twitter, 11/7/20

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