Balance Between Cooperation And Competition

545Question: Scientists say that there are certain kinds of mechanisms in nature that maintain a balance between cooperation and competition. This makes it possible to avoid the physical destruction of opponents and thereby provides a sufficiently high level of internal diversity.

Do you think the same applies to human society, which has been given freewill? Or can we destroy each other?

Answer: No, nature will not allow it. We need to understand that all these laws apply both at the level of the simplest organisms and more complex ones. If we sometimes do not see something, it is only because we do not have the ability to see it. In general, the law of nature is universal.

In society, everything works like in the cell of an organism or between its cells. We have nothing to fear. We will not be able to destroy ourselves because there is a constraining mechanism.

Question: It is said that modern society has evolved to the size of a system that is similar to a destructive geological force that can destroy the entire universe. This was not the case a few thousand years ago. What does it mean that people were given such power now?

Answer: We were given this possibility only potentially but by no means in actual fact so that we understand how much we still need to develop in order to balance our physical capabilities with the moral scale.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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