A Step Into The Open Door

294.4Now we have special opportunities for spiritual advancement. The door is opening; one might even say that it is almost open, and all that remains is for everyone to enter the spiritual world.

We are already beginning to understand little by little how the spiritual world works. We have not yet crossed this threshold, but we are right in front of the open door to spirituality. There has already been a big breakthrough since the beginning of the pandemic.

We need to focus on our thoughts, intentions, sensations, and not on mechanical actions. This is how Kabbalah differs from religion; it speaks of a person’s intention, which he should receive from the upper force through his group and work with it. And religion speaks only of physical actions, of words.

Every person who wants to attain the Creator has the opportunity to do this without any distinction between race, gender, or skin color. Kabbalah is meant for everyone; the only difference is in our desires because we come from one soul of Adam HaRishon. Initially, he was generally one person, and then he was divided into a man and a woman.

We must return to this unity into one person who is all in the intention of bestowal for all his desires. Therefore, the end of correction is the same for everyone, both men and women. And the general correction is that all desires in the world—inanimate, vegetative, and animal—receive the intention for bestowal from us, people. And then the whole world will rise to the level of bestowal and unity.

Therefore, all religions will oppose the method of connection among all because each of them tries to divide people and prove its rightness. Each religion considers itself the only true one and better than others. But the science of Kabbalah comes from the side of integral nature and explains that we all belong to one system. That is why Baal HaSulam says that a person can remain in his own religion, in his customary family ways and traditions, but not to the detriment of universal connection and unity.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/23/20, “Work with Faith Above Reason”

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