Viruses Emerge From All The Cracks

625.02Gradually we must understand that if we unite, it will be good for us, and if we separate, we will suffer. Everyone must be united into one system, one person. This means that we are rising from our current level, where we live in separation, to the level of one person as one soul, that is, one desire, where all our desires are united above our egoism.

Considering the speed with which the world is now moving day by day in the revelation of evil, we can envision all of humanity in the spiritual space within a year or two. This material world will disappear from our senses because it exists only in our egoistic perception.

While we are in egoism, we only experience this material world, and if we move toward bestowal, we will experience another higher reality. We must enter it.

Nature is simple. If we connect and treat each other well, we will be happy. And if we move away from each other, then viruses, all sorts of problems, troubles, and forces of evil emerge from all the cracks between us. If we get closer together, we do not allow these evil forces to escape, but we keep them inside with restriction and the screen.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/25/20, Shamati #42 “What Is the Acronym Elul in the Work?”

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