Payment Criteria

259.02Question: How should salaries be distributed in an ideal society? Sages said that payment is measured by effort. But the effort is hidden from us. What are the criteria for payment for labor?

Answer: A person’s payment must consist of at least two parts: corporeal and social, spiritual.

We can calculate the corporeal part, taking into account how many children a person has, the conditions of living in each country, in each climate zone, and so on. In addition, here we must adhere to a general criterion so that it is in equilibrium with integral nature.

And the next level is the spiritual, psychological reward. In this case everything already depends on the contribution of a person, on his efforts, on his example for the good of society.

Question: And yet, if a person is a manager responsible for the lives of thousands of people, should he receive the same salary as his employee who is responsible for one specific action?

Answer: Why not? If a manager has everything he needs, why would he need more? What will he do with it? He will see by himself that he does not need it.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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