Why Should We Reach The Good Through Evil?

207Question: We know that everything is balanced by the Creator, so why should evil begin to rule so that we can reach the good?

Answer: First, it is because this is how the Creator stirs us. Second, man’s nature is evil. So by awakening evil, the Creator shakes and awakens us very strongly. Suppose you received a letter from the police, or a message from the bank that you won something. What would have a greater impact on you? Of course the negative message would have a greater impact.

Question: But how can the negative and the positive be equal? After all, a person is not an insensitive robot.

Answer: It all depends on my attitude to the Creator’s bestowal on me. If I value any form of His bestowal, like a child who correctly understands that all of his parents actions are necessary and desirable, it makes no difference to me what I receive from Him.

I can ascend above my ego and fully and mutually participate with Him under totally different conditions. My initial conditions are in the state of zero where I am already detached from myself and am already floating above myself.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 10/14/18

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